Friday, September 6, 2019

Cup Cakes

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a recipe for Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes. Mmm, that sounds good. I followed the links back to the bakerbynature website and the recipe.  There were no outlandish ingredients, but I was missing a couple of things. I bought cream cheese on Wednesday, but alas I couldn't find paper cups. I went ahead and baked them anyway, but mine are more muffins than cup cakes:
Scrumptious with tea or coffee anyway!


  1. Looks delicious and beautiful flowers!!! 💖
    A few days back I was trying to explain to hubby how muffins and cupcakes are different 😄

  2. As long as they taste great, that is all that matters!! ;)

  3. Wish I could eat one! Cup cakes cases used to be so easy to find, but they now must have gone out of fashion and when you do find them in shops in the UK they are selling for silly prices