Friday, August 30, 2019


Spring started springing while I was away. The herbs are reviving:
Jack's lettuce seedlings are growing:
Bees are buzzing around the peach tree flowers:
At the moment the little flower bed is overwhelmingly green, but there should soon be flowers to brighten it - sweet peas, violas, daisies and so on.


  1. It's so strange to think that your seasons are opposite ours! It's still pretty warm in the daytime here, but the autumn temperatures are showing themselves. It seems that we missed the usual heat of August.

  2. I love your peach tree !
    We have lush green all around in this monsoon season. I like the freshness 🌳🌳🌳
    Looking forward to pics of your blooms later.

  3. Welcome home! Spring arrived in Brisbane weeks ago, apparently- technically it's still " winter", but we've been having days of 30 + degree heat! It's still cold at night though?

  4. I was thinking the same thought as Diane. We are heading into autumn and you are having spring. Wow, how crazy this world is!! ;)
    Enjoy your flowers!!! :)

  5. No, not when you live south of the equator, as I do.

  6. Here we are heading into Autumn fast and the days are getting cooler, enjoy your spring