Friday, August 9, 2019


Ever had the experience that you make a mistake, correct it and then find you didn't make a mistake in the first place? I hope it's not just me! Turns out I did have handles in animal fabric for two bags, so I made two bags with animal outers, shweshwe lining and one bag entirely from shweshwe.

I spent all day Wednesday in town, waiting for my car to be serviced. Got absolutely nothing done. Well, craftwise that is. I did visit a friend who has recently moved to town. It was good to have time to catch up with her. I sometimes think I should be less target-driven in deciding whether a day was well spent.


  1. the bags look great and I understand about feeling time is waisted :(

  2. I have made that same mistake of thinking, but not actually having made the mistake. ;)
    Great bags!! :)
    Visiting a friend is probably worth more than crafting. Most people don't seem to visit anymore, it's all texting(at least around here). ;)

  3. Take heart!you have an identical twin (at least in that regard)in Minnesota!

  4. Yes I have been there too, two beautiful bags,
    Visiting friends is great for having a break from crafting and letting your brain think of something else for a while it contemplates new ideas.