Friday, August 2, 2019


I started another of Rebekah Yeager's slip stitch dishcloths, with the colours swapped about. I stopped to admire my progress and, oops, realised that I'd made a mistake, left a couple of rows out on the previous repeat. I was a bit tempted to leave it, because I quite like how it looks, and it would be in the centre of the cloth. But I want the two to be a pair, and to be honest, every time I looked at the cloth, I thought of the mistake. It had to be undone. I thought I might struggle to find my place in the pattern, but actually the rows are quite easy to count. I ripped back to the mistake and reknitted:
Here are the two together:
I learnt from comments on the previous post that this kind of knitting is called 'mosaic knitting'. I googled it; apparently the term was coined by Barbara Walker. Craftie Sylvie mentioned mosaic crochet too, I'll have to find out about that! Lelia gave me a link to another dishcloth using this method, it's in the comments on the previous post if you're interested. 


  1. I don't see a mistake(but then again, I am not a knitter).
    I love the two!!! :) You do beautiful work!!! :)

  2. Far too attractive to be used as a dishcloth! How about joining them together for a quilt?

    1. I do like that idea. But I’ll probably use them as pot holders, I need some new ones.

  3. I agree with Michelle, almost too pretty to use. It always feel better once you fix the mistake.

  4. Good job and I learned from the combined wisdom, too.
    I like the dark border better, but the body in both are beautiful.

  5. I like the textured look and think it would be great for a backpack too :)