Saturday, August 17, 2019

No no no

I decided to finish tatting my Root Beer Fudge ice drop yesterday evening. Big mistake. I thought something looked a little off, but I'd check before I sewed in the ends in daylight. I looked at it this morning and thought, oh, I've joined the last chain to the wrong spot, undid it and rejoined. Mmm, still not right. Then I realised I'd made a complete mess of the thing, only the first repeat was correct! And because that first repeat was correct, I couldn't even claim it was meant to be like that.

Scissors came out. I contemplated using the 'snip rings not chains' trick, but decided it was better to cut both off and restart CTM. I just made sure I had long enough ends left to sew in and then then rewound the shuttle and started again with no knot.

Here's how it is supposed to look:
The pattern by Lace lovin' librarian is in the files of the Ice Drop Addicts group on Facebook. The beads are swarovski crystals. They look better in person than on the screen!


  1. I like your your first version, if you hadn't joined the 2 chains to the Ice Drop center!!! ;) You may have created a new design!!! :)
    And your correction looks great!! :)

  2. Great story I hate doing that but love the quite of the night to tat it's all great mostly until some mornings you wake and wonder what was I thinking!

  3. Beautiful ice drop, doing things late at night not always a good idea, but at least you were able to sort it

  4. Late night work is slow and you have to do it again. I recognize this problem.