Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Production Line

I have three more shopping bags to make. I've cut the fabric for all three before I start sewing. I was just finishing off when I realised I'd cut handles from the animal fabric for only one bag instead of two. I went back to the fabric - nope, nowhere near enough for a second set of handles. After a bit of pondering, I decided I'll make the animal fabric the lining. I cut a set of handles from the sweshwe fabric that was originally intended to be the lining. Problem solved!


  1. Problem-solving is an integral part of a creative journey! 💖

  2. Good solution! I've researched the sweshwe fabric, and I've found some beautiful patterns. There's a fabric bundle I really want, but I can't justify the expense right now. I have more fabric than ideas right now!

    1. Well, it's interesting that the opportunity is there for you!

  3. You always seem to come up with a solution!! ;)