Monday, February 18, 2019

Wayuu And An Unusual Visitor

I had an e-mail from the Wayuu pattern team in Colombia, asking if I would put a link to their website on my blog. I didn't hesitate for long. I think the Wayuu bags are really impressive and I'm a big fan of using crafts to create employment while making something beautiful. So here's the link.  Have a good look at the website to find out more about Wayuu bags. By the way, I had a go at doing the tapestry crochet used to make the bags and gave up, which makes me even more impressed by their work!

I was sitting knitting a few days ago when I heard Mex the pup give a very surprised yelp. I went out to see what had startled him. There was a leguaan on the lawn. Wikipedia calls it a Nile monitor, here's a link to their description.

Mex gave the leguaan a wide berth. It stayed amongst the garden furniture for a quarter of an hour or so and then wandered off.  This is a small specimen. Jack saw a much bigger one yesterday in the veld. It whizzed up a tree when it saw the dogs, but I don't think Mex would've tackled it anyway.


  1. It looks rather like our goannas. Sharp claws so I'm not surprised Max kept well away.
    The bags are so gorgeous, but I think the prices must be in $ US which makes them above the reach of my wallet. It's an interesting website, thank you for posting the link.

  2. Somewhere around here I have a mochilla bag that I started a while back. I am also impressed by the workmanship. Tapestry crochet takes an awful lot of concentration!

    Ah! Something new to research. I'd never heard of a leguaan before. I'd have given him a wide berth, too!

  3. Your visitor sure is an exciting one, I think I’ll stick with raccoons though. I, too, thought the bags are beautiful .

  4. Grrrr, Mex is wise to stay clear 😟
    Beautiful bags !!!