Monday, February 25, 2019


I wore the paint splash blouse and decided I liked it, so I bought some more fabric for a second one. I tweaked the pattern slightly - I brought the side seams in a smidgeon, lowered the front neckline a tiny bit and cut the sleeves in a bigger size so they're less fitted. Once upon a time I wouldn't have dared tweak a Burda pattern, but I'm more blase now - surely the point of sewing your own clothes is that you can make them to suit yourself?


  1. This one is also a lovely colour and design, I think it must look quite " floaty" - does it?

    1. Yes. I had to choose fabric that drapes well or it would look enormous.

  2. Lovely blouse! I've only had the courage to adjust one sewing pattern over the years, and I loved it. The dress pattern was a tabard style with only two pieces. I wish I had kept that pattern. It's totally out of style, but it was a dress I loved wearing.

  3. Well done, looks great, of course we should be able to treek patterns to suit ourselves, after all we are all different in size and bidies, one size pattern does not fit everyone. Well done.

  4. Lovely, you inspire me to push my sewing further.