Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tatting Along

I miss Jon Yusoff's Tat-a Renda blog, it was one I read regularly. Apparently Jon has moved to Facebook. I followed a link to a tat-along doily Jon is presenting on Facebook. I was tempted. I was even more tempted when I saw Diane's version of the doily.

 What thread to use? I don't want to tat another white doily. How about the apricot thread left over from a crochet project? 
No. The thread is not only much too thick, it's too loosely spun and fluffy. Sure, you can tat with it, but it's far from an ideal tatting thread. Black? My daughter brought me four balls of Milford black in December, two size 20 and two size 40. Two balls of size 40 should be ample for a doily.
So here are the first three rounds. I find it quite difficult to keep finding the right place on Facebook, so here's a link that I hope I can use as a shortcut.  There are 10 rounds up so far, so I'm a bit behind. This is strictly a day time job, no way I can tat with black size 40 with our lighting, so I will knit in the evenings and tat in the day.


  1. Thanks for the shortcut link, I might try this one at some point. How are you finding the Milford 40 in black? That's probably the only brand I haven't used in my quest to find a black thread that works. Spotlight doesn't sell it anymore.

    1. I was lucky that Penny found it then, I'm sure she bought it in Spotlight. It's fine so far. Milford is quite twisty, so a lot of dangling of the shuttle, but no problems. One of the other balls is not completely colourfast, my fingers finish up grey.

  2. I love her designs & this doily is no exception! But sometimes one has to stay on the sidelines and admire😄

  3. It’s a lovely pattern and I have saved it, but it’s on the to do list at the moment,
    Yours is looking lovely look forward to seeing how it works out

  4. Stunning! You are braver than I, I only use black for small projects.

  5. The black will look so elegant! I agree, this is one for daytime work only!

  6. Looks stunning especially against a light background. I've never tatted using black thread.