Monday, February 11, 2019

Time For Hearts

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, there are a lot of hearts on the internet. Naturally I must take some time out from crocheting to tat a couple of hearts! The top one is by muskaan, the lower one by Anita Barry, but links to both patterns can be found here on muskaan's blog. I like the way muskaan gave two links, one for a long post and pattern, the other for just the diagrams. I read the long version and then just downloaded the diagrams.


  1. They are lovely, not going down the hearts route this year but enjoy seeing the different designs

  2. Lovely! I've done one heart this year. I just can't seem to get in the mood to tat more, but I do enjoy looking at all the hearts being tatted!

  3. Love the colours you've used!!!
    See, now everybody is happy with the long & short pdfs ;-P But next time I think I'll combine them and leave it to the tatter to print out as desired. Fewer links that way.