Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Yarn

I spun and plyed about 150 g wool on my spinningwheel, then wound it into eight skinny skeins, 35 times round the niddy noddy instead of my usual 50. I dyed three dyelots in my microwave and hung it all in the Winter sun:
When it was dry, I wound it into balls:
Four balls for one sock and four for the other, so I don't run the risk of using up too much on the first sock and running out on the second.


  1. Love the colors and the yarn outside is a wonderful picture!

  2. Your winter sun is a 100% better than our summer sun which hasn't really got going yet!!! Love your colours.

  3. Your winter sun looks gorgeous, our summer is more like winter with warm temperatures
    Looking forward to seeing how the sock works up

  4. Drooling ! Love you're all-from-scratch wool projects !!!

  5. Great colours! I look forward to seeing the socks.