Monday, July 18, 2016

Jane's New Heart

This is Jane Eborall's Fandango Heart. I'm not planning to make a doily out of it, I just want to attach it to Isabel's dress.When I glanced at the pattern, I thought it would require Catherine Wheel joins, but no, Jane has cleverly put strategic little rings so that ordinary joins do the job. Here is a link to the pattern.


  1. How pretty to add to a dress! I hadn't noticed the small rings before, need to try this!

  2. Very pretty, Jane! It'll look great on a Isabel's dress.

  3. It is a cute little heart and just right for the dress

  4. Lovely tatted heart. I think this is shuttle tatted by the looks of the pattern. I don't think shuttle patterns are the same for needle tatting. I just might try it though. Thank you for including the link.

    1. Yes, I'm a shuttle tatter, but I expect it could be done with a needle too.