Thursday, July 7, 2016


After all that preparation, I am now knitting the first sock. I'm working on one sock at a time because it's rather experimental and if I make a mistake or change my mind about colours, I don't want to have to undo two lots. I'm writing down what I do so I can knit the second sock without referring to the first sock. Neatly, it turns out the my version in thinner yarn requires the Anelmaiset leg chart to be knitted twice. I'm going to work a mirror image, starting and ending with hearts. I have 80 stitches at the top and will have 48 at the ankle, both of which are divisible by the 8 stitches of the heart motif. Neat, again.

I was a bit disconcerted to read on the pattern that I must look at youtube to find the pattern for the flowers in a row stitch. I think a pattern should be complete, especially one you pay for. Anyway, I did find it, and found a written version. I knitted a sample, but I decided not to use it because it pulled the knitting in and wasn't very elastic. Instead, I'm using boucle wool that I spun for my poncho and didn't use. The specifications for the competition mention 'texture', and I think the boucle will fit that requirement.

If you peer at the picture, you can see that my arrangement of stitches on the needles is very uneven. That's because leaving them as they are helps me keep track of the decreasing. Once I have the final number of stitches, I'll rearrange the stitches more evenly.


  1. It looks beautiful and if this is only a practice piece gosh the real one will look fabulous

  2. That's going to be a fabulous pair of socks! Yes, it is a bit disconcerting when a pattern is incomplete. I'm glad you were able to find it on YouTube, even if it wasn't to your liking!

  3. Wow, wonderful! I like the boucle poncho, it fits well. My stitches are never evenly distributed, I have to mix it up all the time or I get ladders.

  4. I can't wait to see the pair completed!!! It's so amazing already!!! :)

  5. this is looking really interesting Jane, I'm afraid I only tackle plain socks.
    The gas leak is fixed thank goodness and so far the cd's are working regarding the seagulls.
    thanks for your comments.

  6. Your knitting always amazes me, I just don't know how you do it. Can't wait to see the pair.