Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pattern for Small Leaf

I'm still working on the second sock, just got to the heel. So instead of showing 'more of the same', I'm writing down the pattern for the small knitted leaf. Someone else might like to use it and this acts as a 'backup' in case I lose my scribbled piece of paper. It's based on a leaf by but is much smaller and simpler. Using 3.25 mm needles and approximately double knit yarn, it measures 5 cm from base to tip.

K: knit, P purl, S2PO, slip 2 stitches together, knit 1, pass 2 slipped stitches over, M1: make 1 stitch by picking up the loop between stitches.

Cast on 6 stitches
Row 1: K6, cast on 5 stitches.
Row 2: K5, P1, K5.
Row 3: K1, M1, K3, S2PO, K3, M1, K1
Row 4: As row 2
Row 5: As row 3.
Row 6: As row 2
Row 7: Knit
Row 8: As row 2
Row 9: K4, S2PO, K4
Row 10: K4, P1, K4
Row 11: K3, S2PO, K3
Row 12: K3, P1, K3
Row 13: K2, S2PO, K2
Row 14: K2, P1, K2
Row 15: K1, S2PO, K1
Row 16: P3 together.
Fasten off.


  1. Thanks for the pattern :-) Cute leaf.

  2. I would not have minded at all, seeing another sock picture! - but thank you for this leaf pattern, I think it will be a useful one to add to the collection.

  3. I love it! More sock pictures please!

  4. Lovely small leaf thank you for the pattern

  5. Thank you! I've bookmarked this page so that I can refer to it later. You never know when a leaf pattern will come in handy.

  6. This a useful leaf pattern - thank you!