Thursday, July 21, 2016

Stash Buster

I was blog hopping one day when I came across this pattern. It really appealed to me, so I bookmarked the page. Just as well because this week my son asked me to make two baby blankets for a friend of his who is expecting twins. I crocheted samples in wool, but decided that cotton would be better for babies who live in the Tropics. I have a bag of handspun cotton scraps in an array of colours, this would be a good way to use them up. I've used commercial cotton for the main colour and combined it with the coloured handspun cotton.

The pattern crochets the blanket lengthwise so that the ends can be finished off as tassels. I'm not a great fan of tassels (as I've said before) and I think tassels in baby's face are really not a good idea. So I worked the stripes sideways. This also enabled me to use shorter pieces of handspun. I worked the natural treble stitches back and forth, rather than ending off each row, which gives a more zig zag look than the original, but gave me fewer ends to sew in. I crocheted an edging, which isn't in the original pattern, but I see a number of commentators on the pattern said they did the same.


  1. Thanks for the link! I love the idea of using up odds and ends of yarn this way!

  2. Those lucky babies!! Gorgeous work!

  3. What fantastic colours. Do wish I had a little person to make things for

  4. It's very pleasing to my eye, Jane, and will be a cuddly hug for baby.

  5. OH wow! It's really beautiful! And so colorful, babies will love!

  6. I remember pinning this pattern ! You've done a marvelous job & I prefer your modifications :-)
    Great gift :-)

  7. Fabulous blanket, love the colours brilliant way of using up different colours

  8. You're knitting and crocheting up a storm! I'm only now catching up on your entries. Love the crocheted rose! I'm always amazed that some knitters never learn to crochet and vice versa. Some kind of 'fear' factor!

    The socks are sensational - I'd give a 'Best of Show' ribbon just looking at the photos! And you did them so quickly for being 'out of the ordinary' and making some changes!

    It sounds like you really have 'difficult' competitions with tricky rules! Will the judges know that you spin your own yarn? You've certainly completed them 'ahead of time'. Can you enter the socks somewhere else in the meantime?

    Also nice ideas for the crocheted blanket(s)and using up a yarn stash. Have you finished both already? Amazing.

    1. I thought I'd lost your comment Kathy, glad I've managed to retrieve it! Thank you. I've done one and a half blankets. I live 50 kms from the nearest town, go in once a week, so blanket two will have to wait a bit. I know, it's a bit embarrassing to be so far ahead of time for the competition, but I struck while the knitting muse was present! The judges will know it's handspun wool but won't give points for that. The socks can just lurk until they're needed.