Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Calculations

First the swatch. I started with stocking stitch with a garter stitch border, 10 stitches and 10 rows. I think the fabric looks fine, the needle size is right for the thickness of the yarn. So I knitted another 10 rows in stranded knitting. I measured carefully and the stranding doesn't affect the measurements significantly. The next thing was to measure my leg - below the knee where the sock will finish; around the widest part of my leg; and around the foot. After that came a lot of scribbling:
The calculations are not very difficult: 10 stitches = 4 cm, so 10/4 = 1 cm, so 10/4 x 33 = 33 cm. That gives 82.5, which isn't very practical, so 80 stitches it is. And so on, until I had worked out a plan for the leg part of my sock.


  1. I enjoy your sock designs! - but you'll have to excel in order to outdo the guineafowl and the giraffe patterns!
    I'm still hoping for a book of your sock patterns one day.

  2. Thank you, you made my day! This time I'm just adjusting a pattern.

  3. I know nothing about knitting, but am always intrigued by your calculations and projects!! :)