Friday, October 9, 2015

Trial and Error

These earrings are much more sparkly in real life than they appear in the photos and hang better too.  It took me an awful lot of trial and error to get anything like what I was imagining. So, lest I have to go through the whole process again, I'm going to write down what I did:

Ring Only Earring
Load 9 beads onto the shuttle. I used a starlit shuttle that comfortably holds the beads.
NB : when working a ring(R), the bead is put onto the back of the hand before starting. When working a single shuttle split ring (SSSR), the bead is not put onto the core thread but moved into position from the shuttle thread at the right time.

R 1 (with bead on core thread): 8 ds, picot, 8 ds cl (close) [hide the beginning thread inside the first half of the ring]

SSSR 2: 8, move bead from shuttle to top of ring, finger tat rest of the ring, 4 very small picot (vsp) 4, cl.

R 3 (bead on hand): 4 join (+) to vsp, 4, + (R1, next to bead) 8, cl.

SSSR 4: 8, move bead into position, finger tat 4, vsp, 4, cl.

R 5 (bead on hand): 4 + (vsp) 4 + (space between R2 and R3), 4 vsp 4, cl.

R 6 (bead on hand) 4 +(vsp) 4 + (loop of thread over bead in R 3) 8 cl.

+ join the shuttle thread to the space between R6 and R5.

SSSR 7: 8, move bead into position, finger tat 4, vsp, 4 cl.

R 8 (bead on hand) 4 + (vsp) 4 + (space between R5 and R4) 8 cl.

+ join shuttle thread to space between R7 and R8.

SSSR 9: 8, move bead into position, finger tat 8, cl.

+ join the shuttle thread to the middle of the thread over the last bead.

R10 (earring hook on hand): 8, picot with earring hook, 8, cl.

Make another one the same!


  1. Ooh fun! The Hank you for sharing your pattern. Now to find the beads...

  2. Interesting pattern, thank you for sharing

  3. They look beautiful, I am going to try your pattern, thank you for sharing it

  4. I love the look it reminds me of some I had with same shape in medal years ago it is fun to think it can be tatted thanks for the instructions!

  5. I can see the red pair & am Very curious to give them a go :-) Thanks for sharing :-D

  6. Deceivingly simple looking, though not so simple when you have to figure out how to go from one element to the next. I can see why it took so much trial and error. It was worth it though, they turned out great!

  7. Lovely earrings. Thank you for sharing the pattern even though I have not learned to tat...yet! Some day I hope!

  8. Jane, I just watched Karen's video on how to add bead to center of SSSR & came back to check your method. Very interesting ! Your's is easier to do ; simply moving bead into position. .....
    But the difference also lies in effect - your bead is suspended from top of ring .... while her's is anchored at both ends.
    Now we have 2 effects/styles/methods to choose from :-)
    Thanks again for sharing :-)

  9. Oh, I'll check that out, thanks. The drawback with my method is that there's a loop of thread over the top of the bead. It's simple though.

    1. Ok, it's interesting, but not the effect I was aiming for. I wanted it to look the same as the ring where you close the ring onto the bead, not in the middle of the ring. You could put the beads in the centre of all the rings and split rings perhaps.