Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tortoise Doodles

How about tortoise shell socks?(Sounds like a tongue twister!) First of all I had a look at a book that's on our shelves, 'Field Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa' by Bill Branch.
Some of my ideas fell at paper stage:
Some at swatching:
I think the bottom one might work, though it's not what I originally visualised.


  1. I like the top picture - more tortoisey than the bottom one.

  2. How creative! Whichever version you choose, I think I'll like them. I agree with Maureen... the top one looks more tortoisey.

  3. Tortoise socks! What fun! I know I'm in the midst of Christmas but those bottom ones would make great snowflakes too.

  4. I like the bottom one, Hope you get more votes, cause this doesn't help!

  5. Looks like you are trying to show what is on each scute which is differen for different species. Maybe it would look more like a turtle or tortoise if it was the shape of the scute that was portrayed. (I used to have and breed water turtles, so I love this idea!). If you need help with publishing your patterns, I have some experience and would happily share it.

  6. The top swatch looks like an owl all it needs is a month in the middle, I like both swatches, both have great patterns

  7. Very very interesting trials !
    I would go with the lower one, with one observation : if you could make the diagonals a st or 2 longer , so that the whole appears like more of a mesh, rather than separate entities ?
    Eager to see your final version :-)