Monday, October 12, 2015

Springbok Socks

A Springbok is a small South African antelope. Here's a picture in Farmers' Weekly magazine of 2nd October 2015 that I used to help me with the design:
In centuries past, great numbers of them used to suddenly migrate over huge areas, destroying everything in their path. That doesn't happen any more, which is probably just as well, but small numbers of them do come and go on this farm.

The Springbok is also the emblem of the South African rugby team. For an American's view of rugby, see Kristen's post here.


  1. I love the animal and the socks :) i'ts a great idea.

  2. Lovely socks! I think it's wonderful that you are able to take inspiration from nature to create wearable art!

  3. Great inspiration for your socks, amazing how you work out the patterns for your socks

  4. Your socks are perfect. The Springbok are gorgeous.

  5. Lovely socks! You will have a spring in your step wearing these.