Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Pattern (updated)

Sorry about yesterday's strange post. The computer wasn't working, so I thought I'd create a post on my phone. Mmm, no, that was a mistake. Here is the chart for the sock pattern I'm working on now. And here is the inspiration for it, a zebra who was once part of our family. The top picture shows her outside the sitting room window with her friend the steer; the bottom one shows her with her first foal. 


  1. Nice, Animal print are always fashionable.

  2. what an interesting life you lead! - your very own piece of knitting inspiration right there outside your window!

  3. Thans for sharing such a sweet story about your inspiration.

  4. How wonderful to have such wildlife in your garden, and the inspiration they bring, no wonder you use it for so many projects.
    I would love to come and sit in your window and watch your wildlife.

  5. How very interesting to have a Zebra and a steer for your enjoyment. I have always loved Zebras. Your pattern is amazing. My husband lived in Randsburg for several years in the late1970's. Lovely days to you...

  6. Oh you have a safari right around you !!! How lovely ! And love the inspired pattern !!
    Was the zebra just a pet or was it reared for some particular purpose ?

    1. These photos were actually taken a while ago, when we lived in Zimbabwe, though there are zebras near here. What happened is that a herd of zebras was captured to be transported to another farm and she was too small to go on the truck, she would've been trampled. So we brought her up. She gradually moved away and had babies of her own to form her own herd.

  7. Wow how lovely to have wild animals right outside your window and to be a mum to the baby zebra is brilliant