Thursday, October 22, 2015

Making My Bed.....

I wonder why on earth I thought I could 'just quickly' hem sheets and make pillowcases before breakfast. Most of the morning later.... I had 'cheated' by asking the man in the fabric shop to cut the fabric into the correct lengths for me. He has a large table with lengths marked, so the job was much easier for him than it would be for me. Even so, these sort of jobs always take me much longer than I imagine they will.


  1. I have never met anyone who makes sheets and pillowcases!! - I'm impressed, they would look stunning with some cream tatting on the edges wouldn't they?

    1. Absolutely! But then I really would have to set some time aside. I'm tempted though.

  2. Amazing I thought it was only me that took longer than I thought to do things

  3. I'm always in wonder of people who can sew, well done Jane.

  4. How very wise of you to utilize the cutting table and talent at the fabric store. You are very smart to make your own custom sheets and pillowcases. Beautifully done...

  5. Beautiful set - love the colour !