Monday, October 26, 2015


I promised to show the craft group I belong to how to make felt. It's years since I made felt so I had to give myself a refresher course. The wool I've been spinning for socks has been treated so that it doesn't felt, but I have some wool that hasn't been treated and felts easily.

I layered the wool on top of bubblewrap and sheeting, four layers, this way and that:
Sprayed it with warm, soapy water:

Covered it with another piece of sheeting to make a sandwich:
Then for five minutes I patted it with my hands, a hairbrush and a rolling pin to get the felting process started:
I rolled the sandwich up tightly, with the bubblewrap included. I found that the tighter it is rolled the better, otherwise the felt finishes up very wrinkly:
For another five minutes, I rolled the parcel back and forth on my draining board:
Peeled the layers apart:
To reveal the felt:
After rinsing the soap out,  I dyed it:
Rinsed it, and hung it up to dry:
I plan for the craft group to make felt, but it won't be ready to use for a while, so I have dyed felt in an array of colours:
My plan is to use it to make flowers like these:


  1. Oh my Jane you really do it all. I've never felted anything on purpose. Well Done.

  2. I do not have the courage to try this. Very beautiful!

  3. Oh neat!!!! :) You are so very creative and talented!!!! :)

  4. Such a Renaissance woman... : )

  5. I've felted knit purses, but I've never created felt fabric. That's awesome!

  6. Your felting is very easy to do. Having dyed it makes it perfect for making beautiful flowers.

  7. Felting is something I have not done, very interesting post thank you

  8. I have only made paper felting looks like fun!