Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What About The Cardigan?

Having abandoned my cardigan and used the yarn for Jack's jersey, I need to make a Plan B for a cardigan. It's so difficult to find a pattern that conforms with all the requirements of the competition that I've decided to design my own.

I want to use 4-ply wool. The rules say yarn no thicker than double knitting (8 ply) can be used, but I'm told that thinner is better. I bought two balls of 4-ply sock wool to experiment with (and, sneakily, use for a pair of must-have socks!)

An Australian friend of mine sent me a picture of her cardigan to use as inspiration. Marion can't find the pattern, she thinks she must've lent it to someone and not got it back.
I also have that pile of magazines to help me. I thought I might be able to adapt this pattern:

But I'm not really happy with the swatch. I think this lace needs the crispness of the original cotton to work well, rather than fuzzier wool.

How about this diamond from a stole pattern?

It might work. This is definitely not going to be a quick knit and requires some experimentation before I even start.


  1. I wish you great JOY in creating your very own knitting pattern. It will be stunning when you knit the final result. Creative Bliss...

  2. It will be interesting to see what you decide on - what are the rules? - thin wool, collar and lace?If you have access to any of the Barbara Walker
    Treasuries,you'll find heaps of inspiration in them - maybe your local library has them?

    1. It doesn't have to be lace. But it does have to have a set in sleeve. I just fancy knitting lace!

    2. I prefer the diamond pattern to the 'lacy busy' one! Would it just be a border pattern? Love the blue colour, not too dark as I think a navy would be. Good luck Jane

    3. Thanks Anne. I was thinking of doing the diamonds up the front, as on Marion's red cardigan.

  3. I wish you luck with your new cardigan, I find 4ply is so thin it takes ages to knit but it also can look very elegant and feminine when knitted.