Monday, July 13, 2015


I wonder why it is that I love sewing things from scratch but procrastinate horribly when it comes to alterations or mending? The owner of the cottage where I live gave me some curtains to hang. The bedroom ones are much too long. They have to be shortened. I cut 25 cm off the first one:
To make the job a bit more interesting, I decided to practise blind hemming with my sewing machine. I had to get out the Bernette instruction book to find out which foot to use, which stitch to use and how to fold the fabric. I tried it out first on the lining. It worked fine, though I thought the stitches were a bit too close together, so  lengthened the stitch for the curtain itself.

It looks fine. Here's the wrong side and right side:

Right. Now to do the second curtain so that I can hang them both up. 


  1. New curtains are a great makeover - even if you do have to hem them yourself. My machine - which is now nearly 45 years old, an Elna,- came with all those special feet, and discs too - before computers began to sew - and although I did manage to use most of them, I never got the hang of that blind foot! I am impressed.

    1. I used my gran's Elna for many years, also with the discs, and a knee control. A few years ago it fell over and the 'nodding lever' broke. A friend took it to the Elna agent in Johannesburg who laughed heartily and said they didn't have parts to repair it! My brother gave me this Bernina one and I must say it is easier to use, but I don't suppose it will last as long.

  2. HOW ?! How do you do so many things so quickly ?! It takes me ages to just decide ;-P
    Always nice to learn & try something new - keeps one's interest alive.
    I, too, prefer to work from scratch rather than mend stuff .

  3. I hope they worked perfect first time, I hate doing curtains,
    I know what you mean about sewing but alterations especially if someone else send it in the first place

  4. I also hate altering things and like you would rather start from scratch. My other problem is starting a project sewing, knitting tatting whatever and not finishing it, leaving it and then just can't bring myself to go back to it. Well done on with your sewing machine, frightening beasts at times!!

  5. Very smart of you to let the machine do the work. It really is such a relief to get those "mundane" chores done. High on Life July...

  6. Altering isn't my favourite job also but you have done a nice neat job with the stitching.