Monday, July 20, 2015

The Motherlode

I think I found the source of the guidelines for the cardigan competition, or something very like it. My cousin has a book called 'The Family Knitting Book' by James Norbury. It's full of cardigans with collars and set-in sleeves, knitted in fine yarn! The date of the book? 1972. Right. No wonder I can't find anything in modern collections. I copied two patterns from the book.

I was less successful in finding a source of yarn. I know there are big yarn shops in the city, with wide selections to choose from, but I couldn't find them. I was sent from here to there, mostly to fabric shops with a few balls of acrylic in a dark corner. I did manage to find a full packet of 4-ply sock yarn in a small specialist wool shop, 80% wool and 20% nylon.

So I have a pattern and some good quality 4-ply yarn, I'm all set.


  1. Yay ! Now your hands can take over :-)
    Both patterns are nice & the left one is especially interesting, with a 'closed' border under the button strips !

    When you mentioned the year , I suddenly remembered this great site where they are converting / digitising vintage books & patterns ... loads of stuff to choose from, for any later project (knitting, crochet, tatting, ....) : , .

  2. Ah, thanks muskaan, I'll check it out. There is a place for vintage, though ideally I'd like to be up-to-date! I'll probably use the one on the left but will have to open it right up.

  3. Both are very pretty! It seems that when I'm looking for a specific type of yarn, I just can't find anything that suits me. However, when I'm sifting through what I have, I realize that I have an almost endless supply of inspiration! I'm glad you found some yarn that will suit your project. I look forward to seeing your knitting progress.

  4. I remember those cardigans, I am sure I wore something like it,
    Should look great in that yarn

  5. Both sweaters are pretty - it would be difficult for me to choose. I can hardly wait to see your progress in that lovely yarn.

  6. I like the first one, and they color of the yarn you finally found too :)