Friday, July 24, 2015

Swatches and Needles

The patterns say to use a 3 mm needle, but when I knitted a tension square, it soon became clear that 3 mm was too big. I don't do much knitting on very small needles, so I had to go and buy some needles in smaller sizes. I think I can use 2.5 mm for the main part and 2 mm for the ribbing. I'm told that needles smaller than 2 mm don't exist, so that will have to do. Now, which pattern to choose? I like the one with the cable, but I'm worried that with variegated wool and cables there will be too much going on. I think the other one would probably work better. I'm open to suggestions, here and at next week's craft group meeting. 


  1. Your samples are so beautiful even if wrong size. I was on another knitting blog a while ago and they made knitting needles from bicycle spokes, that was creative huh. Now I wonder what size they would have been :)

  2. I find that I always have to go down two needle sizes. I guess that means I'm a very relaxed knitter!

  3. I think they both look great! I'm a little more partially to the one without cables. Those are very tiny needles, it will take a long time to make a sweater!

  4. Hi Jane
    I prefer the sample you've shown on the right. It does real justice to the pretty colour of the wool. I think the other pattern is too busy for
    your lovely wool.

  5. Yes there are finer needles used for miniature work ie dolls houses, I have a pair of number 18 but they do go as low as 22. Not big enough for a cardigan though, a miniature dolls cardigan yes not an adult.
    I think the needles you have will do the job

  6. I love the cable and the variegated wool makes it even more interesting.

  7. They are both very pretty, but I think I prefer the one on the right. The one on the left has a lovely pattern, but the variegated wool makes it difficult to see - too busy visually, I guess. The one on the left is 'just right.'

  8. I think the cable one is a more interesting & slightly unusual pattern.
    But for your yarn, the right one seems more appropriate.
    It does make me wonder though, how the colourway will behave when knitting a longer length . In a swatch the frequency of colourway repeats is obviously different. I've never knit a colourway yarn yet. Hope to, one day ;-)

    2.5 mm is a UK #13, right ? That should be fine.

    I once knit a top/blouse/vest with UK #14 & had blistered, bleeding fingers with all that poking .... had to halt it till they healed. Never again ! Will post a pic sometime.

    My MIL often narrates how one of her aunts used to knit with bicycle spokes ! Wow !

    1. Yes, I'm hoping the colour changes will look a bit more subtle when there are more stitches. I only have to knit the ribbing with size 14, so hope I don't have to bleed for my craft!

  9. Not being a knitter I can't say anything helpful on choices, but I do think that either will be gorgeous when you are done!!! :)

  10. Both look great but I like the one on the right the best :). I'm surprised that the needles don't go smaller than 2mm. But then I've never knitted with anything smaller than 2.5mm :).

  11. I like the one the right it looks much nicer in the colour that you have chosen. I have used 2mm needles before and found that they made my hands ache.