Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Starting With the Fronts

I decided to knit the fronts of Annika's bolero first because it will be easier to match the back to the front than vice versa. I did alter the fronts to make them a bit longer. On the white cardigan in the picture, it looks to be waist length, whereas the red one at the top is shorter. I want Annika's to look more like the white one than the red. It's small, so redoing a couple of times to get it right didn't take long.


  1. I guess I don't think outside the box very often. I follow the pattern blindly and hope that everything works. I think it's great that you can adapt a pattern to make it the way you want it to be!

  2. Looks a nice simple pattern, she will look lovely in it

  3. Will you add a little colour later , in the form of some embroidery, appliqué, monogram, 3D flower, etc. ? A little girl will love it, don't you think ?

    1. The lace edging will make it more interesting. The pattern has a flower which I might add too.

  4. That is a gorgeous pattern :). Looking forward to seeing more pics especially of the lace edging :).

  5. Wow you are so fast and a lace edging will be just perfect. Its a great shaped sweater.

  6. This looks a very nice cardigan, the edging is so pretty.