Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ready To Wear

I've finished sewing down the edging. I think the answer is to focus on the sewing and not think how much more fun it would be to be tatting or knitting! So now my skirt is ready for wear.

The grass is damp this morning so Jack has moved the duck pen under cover. The ducklings are on cement, which is not as pleasant for them as grass, but they don't like to get wet. I tried to take a photo of them, but the shed is not well lit and the ducklings are elusive.


  1. Very fast sewing! - I'm amused to read that our ducklings don't like getting their feet wet!

  2. That looks really great, Jane. That's a good excuse to go and buy a skirt myself to add tatting too.

  3. The skirt looks wonderful! I'm glad you were able to focus and not think of tatting or knitting... that must have been tough! Isn't it funny that ducklings don't like to get wet?

    1. It is funny. We think perhaps they need to get their feathers before they become waterproof.

  4. Oh, isn't this chic ! Great work all around !
    And you sewed it up superfast :-)

  5. I wish sewing tatting down was done by someone else it is annoying :)
    those are silly duckies maybe they are more people like now :)

  6. Your skirt looks beautiful!!! :)
    That does seem strange to hear that the ducklings don't like to get wet!! :)

  7. You did sew fast and it looks great! Are we going to get to see you model it??? It is funny about the ducklings but I think you're right about them getting feathers first.

  8. The lace is very nice and the colors you have chosen match very well. The skirt looks now very elegant.