Monday, March 9, 2015

Dachshound Sock Pattern

I really like Sandra Jager's sock patterns, can you tell? This is the third of her patterns I've used from Ravelry. I'm a bit worried this one will be too small for the intended recipient. Hmm. Should I  finish this pair and then make another pair, or set this aside for now and work on a bigger version?


  1. O, how lovely! It is worth to make the pair of it, I am sure you can find somebody to wear it:)

  2. Oh those are really cute too, you are on a roll :)

  3. Looks a lovely sock, if they are too small you could always put it on your table when you do a craft fair this year.

  4. Love the fancy socks. What yarn do your use? I just finished one sock and need to get some more yarn when we go to the city. I will have to check out Sandra's patterns.

    1. The natural and orange are my own handspun wool. The black is Elle sock wool.

  5. This is a nice pattern, I have started knitting a pair of socks, I hope they turn out as good as yours!