Friday, March 20, 2015

Heart on a Button and Happy Heart

The heart on a button is Jane Eborall's pattern, which you can find here. I want to put one in each corner of my food cover. The top pink one is made exactly according to the pattern, but on the others I shortened the side chains from 16 ds to 12 ds.

The other heart is Happy Heart, designed by Frivole. It's a sweet heart and good practice for Catherine Wheel joins. I was pleased with myself that I didn't have to look the method up again, though the first couple of joins were a little wonky.


  1. You have made a beautiful selection of hearts, I think these last ones will go well with your food cover

  2. Cute! Your photo makes them look like happy balloons :)

  3. Well I like the way you have put beads on the ends of the hearts they look like they are dancing!

  4. I should switch to hearts. I'm sure the little girls at school would love them!

    P.S. - I especially like the blue ones! ;-)

  5. Another set of happy hearts ! Am getting more and more eager to see them all on the food cover :-)

    The ducklings are looking good too. Sorry about that one little one.....