Monday, February 16, 2015

Sock Progress

I'm making progress on the Celtic Spiral socks, though it's quite slow going. I have to keep my wits about me to know where I am on the chart. The trick is to relate the row I'm knitting to the previous row. The blue stitches are all continuous so if I have a blue block with no blue beneath it, I know I've made a mistake.

 I'm working the sock inside out, as I did the giraffe socks, so that I won't pull the floats too tight. I also followed another of Terry Morris's tips and tried them on to make sure that they would go over my heel. I've positioned the sock heel so that there will be a whole spiral going down the top of the foot:


  1. It reminds also a Greek fret, so lovely! You're so good at knitting, beautiful!

  2. That is the neatest sock pattern I have ever seen! I would have to work in silence to keep going with a pattern like that.

  3. I Love the pattern & the colours, Jane ! All the gorgeous socks you have/are knitting, has tempted me to try my hand at it next season.
    It seems odd now, but I never really thought to knit a pair for myself !
    Very inspiring :-)

  4. It looks like a Greek pattern to me and very beautifully knitted, looking lovely

  5. Strange is that! I agree , it also looks Greek. The blue and white color does that. In Greece , however this pattren is square, not round.

    1. Ah, well spotted. I was thinking of the key pattern, which is square. You're right, it must be the colours that give it the Greek feel.

  6. Gorgeus pattern!
    You are very patient­čśî

  7. It looks complicated! - but practical too, because all that stranded yarn on the inside will keep your feet extra warm.