Thursday, February 19, 2015

Singing The Blues

I knew I had plenty of blue wool in my sock wool stash, so I wasn't too worried when I realised that my ball of blue was not going to be enough to finish my sock. But when I got the wool out, it turned out to be a different shade of blue. Oops. It's not too serious because the socks are for me, and I don't mind! The difference is not too startling and I don't think many people will notice.


  1. One of the joys of knitting for yourself is that you can have different shades of blue if you like. Don't they call that a design element? ;-)

  2. least the sock will still be wearable! :)

  3. As its for you, I don't suppose anyone will see it, and if they do tough it's you that's wearing them. The one thing will knitters, tatters etc we never worry about the little things only the large things in life.

  4. Jane, they will be too focused on the Gorgeous pattern , admiring your handiwork, to even notice the ever-so-slight change in colour !
    I like this technique of working from the wrong side ! Must try it some time.