Monday, February 9, 2015

Flower socks

I decided to regard my first attempt at these socks as a practice run. I spun some more wool and started from scratch. The pattern is by Wenche S Roald. The pattern looks to be written in a Scandanavian language. Perhaps there was an English version on Ravelry, but it didn't really matter, I used the charts and my usual sock pattern.

 I like the flower on the heel. I saw quite a few patterns like that when I was searching Ravelry. I know the motif might be hidden under a shoe, but the wearer would still know it was there.


  1. Die Blumensocken sehen schön aus!

  2. Gorgeous socks, love the flower on the heal, who cares if the world can't see it, as you say the wearer can.

  3. Beautiful! Yes, I know the pleasure those little, hidden, fancy bits can provide. : ))

  4. Hi Jane,
    these are so lovely spring socks!! I like the Colors very much.