Monday, February 9, 2015

Dew Drop Earrings

It took a surprising amount of experimentation to get these split ring earrings to hang correctly. I got it eventually.


  1. Are you going to let us into the secret of how you got them to hang so perfect?! The shape and style of these earrings is beautiful.

  2. Very pretty! I'm afraid my split ring tatting is not at the level to allow me to add beads yet. I do like the look!

  3. They are VERY pretty. I bet they hang well too.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, it's just split rings with beads incorporated. For each split ring, put a bead on the back of the hand at the start, then move it into position before starting the second half of the split ring. The stitch count needs to be right for the size of the bead. I thought I could do a ring for the top one, but that didn't work, so I did a tiny ring with the hook added.

  5. They look lovely and the pearls look lovely at the bottom of the rings

  6. Oh, these are good! Pure and elegant!