Friday, February 27, 2015

Edging Progress

I'm making progress on Wanda's Queens Crown Edging. I don't want to do all row 1 and then all row 2, so I do two paired shuttles worth of row 1 and then one paired shuttles worth of row 2. That works well. What's it for? It's an edging for a skirt that I haven't sewn yet. It's a bit odd to do the edging before the skirt exists, but I wanted to try Wanda's pattern and the sewing mood hasn't struck yet.

All six ducklings are fine this morning, so that's good.


  1. Lovely edging. It makes sense to me, tatting the edging before the skirt ;)

  2. Good news about the ducklings! - they must be growing, is there an updated picture?
    You're very fast with your edging! - I'm wondering what colour the skirt is going to be - contrast or toning. It will be fun to see in due course.

    1. The ducks are growing, but look much the same, so I thought I'd wait until they get some feathers before I take another photo. The fabric is a very dark green. Nice weight and drape but needs some brightening up.

  3. Great progress on your edging!!! :)

  4. Lovely ! I thought you were 'skirting' the issue on the skirt ;-P
    Good system, though, about simultaneously tatting both rows :-)
    It had occurred to me that if the fabric was like the dark shade, then the dark straight edge would've looked like scalloped extensions of the skirt fabric.

  5. So pleased your ducks are ok. Thanks for the update
    Lovely edging, going to look lovely

  6. I like it! I hope you'll show it with skirt when it'll be ready :-)