Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Linda's doily

Linda has moved house and is really too far from me now to come for tatting lessons. But she is doing well on her own and has submitted her doily for the competition. This pattern is from the Burda magazine that Tally Tatty sent me, minus the outer row. Linda was battling with the outer row and running out of time. Since it was already big enough to conform with the specifications, I advised her to submit it as it is. It's pretty already and it wasn't practical to finish the outer row in the time left.

 I submitted my traditional doily for the local level competition, but not the Under an African Sky doily. I'll see if I can get the latter exhibited as an example of modern tatting at the national competition later in the year, though quite how I'll achieve that I don't know.


  1. That's a very lacy doily! I would have a hard time with so many chains, but Linda has done a great job!

  2. I do love the mostly chains doilies they have that spiderweb look an so delicate to see. I would not enjoy entering competitions in your area I could not keep up with the rules very well and the amount of the people competing seem so much more than here, I am in ahh of your study of the fiber arts skills.

    1. Yes, the rules are daunting and they do put people off!