Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I made a  little boxy pouch to put Nellie's socks in, rather than using wrapping paper. It didn't take long to make and I thought it would be more useful than paper. I added the earrings that I designed with Nellie in mind, and sweets (or lollies as they call them in New Zealand) to fill in the corners.


  1. Great idea! I'm thinking of making pouches for my Christmas presents next year.

  2. I love the new gift bag idea, and the little peek of the inside, the pearls in the earrings look like they are floating. The work "lollies" makes me laugh.

  3. Nice little pouch very useful for all sorts of things

  4. So sweet, so practical, so thoughtful !

    I wonder how much thought you put into choosing that fabric (lots there for a young, curious, inquisitive mind), and Especially getting the "rise and shine" in The best spot !
    Grannies take so much care with all the details. ...something Nellie will remember in years to come , & treasure :-)

  5. This is nice to receive! A happy packed from grandma!