Monday, January 5, 2015

Feather Stitch

Thanks very much for all the responses to my previous post. Although the general consensus was that the flower fragment should be added, I decided to go with Carollyn's suggestion and do some white feather stitch around the edge. That's because what was really bothering me was that the turned in fabric allowance was showing through. I thought the flower fragment would distract the eye from that, but the feather stitch was a better solution. Thanks Carollyn!

I had to look up a tutorial on feather stitch, practise it for a bit and then do it. My stitches are not absolutely even, but I'm happy with the result. The flower fragment will go into my tatting tin until I find the perfect use for it.


  1. The feather stitching looks great - and functional too. Would it have been possible to have made the fabric circle double thickness? - then the turned-under part would have been fully enclosed.

    1. It is double thickness and is fully enclosed. But the fabric is more see-through than I realised. I should've trimmed the seam more narrowly and more evenly.

  2. Ahh wow Thanks :) My mom used this stitch to go around some items on some historical clothes and this is what came to mind when I saw this doily. I have yet to make a doily with fabric in side it, you make it tempting, looks nice, I love it looks great!

  3. The final is gorgeous! Well done! Now will there be 11 more?

  4. Lovely yes now I have seen the feather stitch around the edge it does work better.

  5. Beautiful! The feather stitch really makes it special.