Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snail Mail

Early in December last year, I entered a give away draw on Wendy's Umi and Tsuru blog and won! Hooray. I sent my postal address to Wendy and she posted it off. I received it yesterday. At last. Last week it occurred to me that Wendy might think I was ill mannered in not thanking her for it, so I e-mailed her to say that I hadn't yet received it, though I didn't want her to think that I expected her to replace it. I was afraid that it was lost in the system, but no, it arrived eventually.

Thanks very much Wendy. It's beautifully delicate and reminds me that I must do more tatting with finer thread.

There was a pretty origami bow with the bag. Wendy had to tell me to look inside for her note because I was reluctant to destroy the bow by opening it! I took a photo first.
Lovely idea.


  1. It was Worth the Wait! - just lovely. Congratulations on your win.

  2. What a lovely little bag! It looks like the perfect size for a shuttle or two.

  3. They are beautiful i had mine at the end of December, but with the flu and the whole house up side down with doing the spare bedroom which is now finished, you have reminded me I must post mine, although I did send a thank you to Wendy

  4. I am also fortunate to have won (several years ago!) a giveaway from Wendy, and I still cannot believe how delicate and perfect her tatting is! Probably the holidays had some effect on your mail. I received her package (here in the U.S.) rather quickly! So glad yours finally got there! It was also a treat to receive the envelope with the pretty stamps!

  5. I remember that little bag and I didn't win :) I wondered how tiny her thread is looks so delicate.

  6. Wat mooi, dat zakje! Wat een schitterend idee!
    ik ga proberen het te onthouden!

  7. It took a long time but I am glad it arrived. Thank you Jane for your e-mail. I am sorry this is late too. I just read this post after Margaret mentioned it.