Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sisal Flowers

I looked at my clean kitchen this morning and thought, 'It should always look like this'. It probably should, but then I'd get nothing else done. Neither my kitchen floor nor the bit of progress I've made on Masquerade are very interesting, so here's a picture of some sisal flowers. They catch the light in the evenings in a really interesting way and stand out against the other vegetation.


  1. Wow they are kind of Dr. Seuss like.

  2. They're amazing! I've never seen these before, are you able to process the flowers and perhaps tat with them?

    1. I think the leaves are used for fibre. Rope fibre! I did once see a book where rope had been used to for tatting, but no, not for me.

  3. What a view! You really live quite noth in your country. We had one like that in our garden when I was a child,only one. the thorns on the leaves really sting!

  4. The proportions almost look like this was a Bonsai arrangement/landscape !!!

    And Carollyn's comment reminded me of "The Day of the Triffids", except that these yellow blooms are so much prettier :-)

  5. I drive my husband crazy. Either I'm following him around, cleaning up after him, or the house is out of control. I just can't seem to find a happy medium. If only I could get things cleaned and then maintain them! ;-)

  6. These look huge! How tall are they?