Monday, June 24, 2013


When I saw this 'Kissing minnows' pattern on the Two Shuttles blog, I put it straight onto my to-do list. I followed Alma's link to Ninetta's Flickr page and saved the pattern, which is in the form of a diagram. Efficient, right? Right, except that when I went to my saved version yesterday I discovered that it is so small I can't read it! Luckily I remembered where I'd seen it first and followed the links again. This time I just scribbled the diagram on a piece of paper, with figures big enough to read. The eye gave me a bit of trouble, until I remembered how to do a 'down picot'. Do 2 first half stitches before the josephine knot and 2 second half stitches after it and the eye will be in the right place. I've made enough kissing minnows to go along the bottom of a towel for a little boy. I'm still busy sewing them on.