Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tatting Challenge

Lest anyone think I've forgotten how to tat, I thought I'd take up a Craftree fine thread challenge. Kersti's brief is to tat a frame that will fit on a postcard, using thread size 40 or finer. I'm using a Mary Konior pattern, Eternity Rings, in 'Tatting with Visual Patterns'. The size 70 Coats thread is one of my charity shop finds. I've been wanting to tat with finer threads and use the Visual Patterns book. This is a good project to do both because it's not too big, just a minor deviation from other projects I have on the go.


  1. frames are my favorite, this is beautiful!

  2. Oh, how pretty! I'm currently doing a hanky, sometimes it' sister fun to work with the little thread.

  3. Looking lovely, that reminds me I have not been on craftree for a while must pop on sometime,
    My eyes are not good enough for very fine threads I think I can do a 40 or 50 but 80 is definately out of the question I admire anyone who uses the finer threads just wish I could.

  4. Such pretty tatting. I don't have that book YET.

  5. Beautiful! White is nice for a change, no?

    1. It is. Though I've nearly washed my hands away trying to keep them clean! I've wrapped the work in a new tea towel that I can put on my lap when I work, in case my clothes are dusty, a trick I learnt from a friend who also lived on a farm.

  6. Great idea! I love MK's patterns, and I love tatting with fine thread. I did see the challenge, but I'm afraid to take on any more right now!

  7. That is turning out beautifully !
    I had entered the 'challenge', but haven't been able to tat beyond my Day1 . Hope to get around to it again, soon.