Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leaf Braid

This braid has been lurking in my handbag for quite some time, worked on at odd times when I had to wait around for something. Now I have a use for it, so I finished it off, using finger tatting for the last split ring so that I could get the maximum out of the thread! This is my adaptation of a pattern I saw in Anna Burda magazine. I've worked it using split rings instead of leaving a little length of thread between rings as they did.
SR 1: 2-6/4
SR 2: 4/2-6
The thread is Cebelia 20 that I dyed myself.


  1. Is it going around the hem of another skirt? - lovely colour.

    1. :-) no, it's for a teashower or food cover, for a wedding present.

  2. Leaf braids are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

  3. I like this way better, nice improvement!

  4. Your hand dyed thread has worked well, the colour changes are gorgeous it will make a lovely braid.