Friday, December 29, 2023

Do Over Done


I've reknitted the second glove so that it matches the first one, the thumb gussets starting at the same spot! The pattern is Alder Fingerless Mitts by Agnes Zombory. The pattern has much longer cuffs, but I wanted these to be similar to the other ones on my market stall, so I shortened them. I like the pattern. It requires some concentration to get all the knits and purls in the right places, but is worth the effort. 


  1. A beautiful pair and I, too, like the pattern 💙

  2. It's a nice pair of gloves! Also, I hope you have nice holidays and a happy New Year!

  3. The gloves are great. The pattern is really worth the effort. You have knitted the mittens from thin yarn. My wool threads are thicker than yours.

    1. I like to spin a fine yarn. I'm spinning merino, which helps!