Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Another Jeweller


On Friday I had a visit from another jeweller, wanting bags to put earrings and things in. Of course, now it's December and they're needed quick quick. Saturday was the market and Sunday I gave myself a day off. Yesterday I sewed 20 bags in one size and today I'm working on 20 in a smaller size.

I was bit concerned about how the pattern was going to look on small bags, but they turned out fine. I couldn't afford to waste fabric or time aligning the pattern with the bags, but fortunately serendipity did alright on its own! 

The market, last one for the year, went pretty well on Saturday. It's funny how different products sell on different days. I didn't sell much jam, but sold most of the puppets. I had some of Jack's honey there too. I swapped one bottle for a pocket of potatoes and sold one bottle. I had enquiries, but people seemed put off by the price. Since the price was very reasonable, I assume they were hoping for a bargain. 


  1. It's nice that the pattern on the bags worked itself out. I think people forget that good quality honey is not cheap...

  2. Wow! You are in demand!! Sure would be nice if it was for all your sale items too!! Glad you did pretty well!! :)

  3. The bags worked out nicely! I like the offset motifs. I wonder if a spreadsheet will help you zero in on what sells when for future ;-P 💗

  4. Wonderful bags, no doubt they will appreciate your work and want more in the future, I think the world is the same all over, people want something for nothing and certainly are not spending money unless they have to.