Thursday, October 19, 2023

Christmas Decorations

 Already? Well, the group in the retirement home will be closed in December, so we thought we could make a start. I've just been making a sample for this week's project, a fabric bell. I found it via Pinterest, it's here. It says it's a tutorial, but really it's a picture and a lot of adverts! But the bell is very simple, so I guess I've worked out what to do. 

Last week we made angels out of tongue depressor sticks and ice cream sticks:

Pinterest had a picture from Erika Trechova. 

The week before, we made Christmas baubles using styrofoam balls:

The balls are coloured using a mixture of glue and flood colouring. Messy to apply, so I did that job at home and just took them along to be decorated. 


  1. Better early than in a rush. I like the creativity of your group's crafts! The decorations are very pretty and festive.
    Regarding styrofoam, I tried decorating eggs but the dye I used was corrosive to the styrofoam. Your method is much better.

    1. The angel heads are also styrofoam and when I glued the sample, it also corroded.

  2. Fun! I like to get started early so that I can enjoy the holiday season. Somehow, I always find myself rushing to get things done anyway.

  3. Love the crafts! You have such a good eye for new crafts to share. 😍