Wednesday, August 16, 2023



I need a new nightie. Surely there's enough of the pale yellow fabric to make a nightie?  I tried this pattern and that pattern, this way and that. Nope. I used the same solution I used here and cut the sleeves out of a different fabric, in this case a lace fabric. Hopefully it gives the nightie the right sort of lingerie look! 

I also got around to making the second blue skirt at last. No, I'm not going to put tatting on this one, which is going to the lady who gave me the fabric. She also gave me some lining fabric last week, so I used some of it to line the skirt. The colour in the photo is way off - the lining is actually a paler version of the outside blue. I hope this skirt will fit.


  1. The nightie looks really nice! You could even use it as a summer dress if that is your style. The skirt is cute too! Good idea using elastic for it.

  2. I love skirts with linings! They seem to hang better, and I don't have to worry about my slip showing.

  3. Not everything needs tatted lace, LOL. Nice garments, love the lace fabric sleeves! 🧡💙