Monday, August 7, 2023


 The market on Saturday went much better for me than last month's market, so that's good. I took along my spinning wheel and some of the multicoloured carded batts, because they're so eye catching, and indeed they did start conversations. Since then I've spun the batts, so that I can finish knitting the scarf.

I've sold all the fingerless gloves, so I need to make some more. A yarn customer said she's keen to see solid colours plyed together, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, spin some 'barber pole' yarn to show her and knit gloves with it too. First step is to dye the solid colour, jade in this case:


  1. It's good you have a nice range of articles and crafts to keep you engaged. Otherwise the repetitiveness could become boring. How a out a video of your spinning for us cyber folks 😁♥️

  2. Glad the market went so well. Perhaps watching you spinning the yarn will make people appreciate how much work goes into your projects.

  3. It's nice the market went so well! True, when people see you practising any kind of craft that is a bit unusual, it will strike a conversation. You're helping spread the love for these beautiful techniques!