Monday, July 17, 2023

Variation Three

 I've been trying out different ways of combining wool dyed before spinning. First of all I mulicoloured the roving itself, as you can see here. Then I dyed separate colours and spun them in turn, to make a self-striping yarn, see here. This time I'm combining the colours on my drum carder. In 1995, we went on holiday to England, and my brother took us on a tour around Yorkshire. Somewhere in Yorkshire, we went into a spinning and yarn shop, where I saw amazing multicoloured handspun wool. How did you do that? I asked. By mixing the dyed fibres on a drum carder was the answer.


  1. Comparing the pics in the 3 posts gives me an inkling, but I still cannot say I understand it all. So I'll just admire the beautiful colourways you created 💗💜💗

  2. I... wow, I don't understand the terms and process very well, but it sounds very interesting. My grandmother spun wool undyed so just on her spindle. This is next level stuff.

    1. I like to spin undyed wool but sometimes it’s fun to experiment!