Monday, July 3, 2023

More Cricket Knitting


We went to watch cricket again yesterday and of course I took knitting along. I think I managed to escape the cameras this time, mainly because it was a much bigger crowd. I'm knitting a beanie for a man who needs one. I'm using acrylic yarn because he lives in an institution and I don't think their laundry is equipped for dealing with real wool! It was a perfect project for a day out, round and round on a circular needle. I'll finish it off now. 

Sri Lanka won again, so they are definitely through to the main cricket world cup, later in the year. 

I was a bit disappointed with the market on Saturday. It was a pleasant morning and there seemed to be a good crowd, but I didn't make many sales. That's how it goes. 


  1. Zimbabwe still has a chance to qualify, so keep your knitting needles crossed 😁 Nice beanie 💕

  2. I was almost expecting to see knitted crickets haha! Beanies are fun and good choice with the acrylic. I hope you have fun at the cricket games!